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High School Player/Parents Meeting (15-18)

Player/Parents meeting will be held on Monday, December 4th on the Viterbo campus in the Reinhart Center Board Room.

Registration starts at 6:00pm and meeting will begin at 6:30pm.  

Once teams are set, practice and tournament schedules will be posted as soon as possible.





Go to USA Volleyball at the following page:

Log in and then go to the left menu and click on Member Profile.

On the right side change the club from Undecided to V-Hawk Xtreme

Go to the bottom of the page and click the edit button to save the change






Follow the steps to either create an account or sign-in with an existing account and follow the steps to register. If you are not sure what age your daughter will play, see the chart below:

2017 age def chart.png


Tryout membership $10.00.  Do not select a club at this time.  Once you are offered a spot on a team and accept, then go back and upgrade your players membership to full and then you will pick V-Hawk Xtreme as your club

 Print out your membership card.  There is a link on the left to print a card as you MUST BRING YOUR Membership Card to tryouts. Here is what a sample of a card.


tryout card examples.png

After you have finished your USAV membership process, click on the forms below.

The V-Hawk Xtreme Player Information Form and the USAV Medical Release are interactive forms.

Download the Xtreme Player Information form and fill it out. Then save and print.

The Medical Release form can be opened and filled out. Print a copy and save a save to your PC if you want.

The Parent & Player Agreement / Concussion form is a multi-page document that you will need to print out to fill out.

Once you have finished the steps above, you should have the following forms that your daughter must bring to tryouts to be able to participate.

1 - USVA Membership Card

2- Xtreme Player Information Form

3 - USVA Medical Release Form

4- WIAA Parent - Player Agreement Concussion Form.


Register for V-Hawk Xtreme Tryouts online at by credit card or Email your players name and age to and bring check or cash to day of tryouts  

Fee is $35.00 cash or check / $37.00 On-line

All paperwork MUST be brought to tryouts or filled out at tryouts


V-Hawk Xtreme Volleyball Tryout Payment Options

V-Hawk Xtreme has setup an account with PayPal to provide the convenience of making your club dues payments online. Using PayPal is quick and easy. Read through the instructions below.

Use either your credit card or your personal PayPal account (if you have one).

V-hawk Xtreme does not receive any of your financial information. All of your information goes directly to PayPal's secure website.


PayPal charges V-Hawk Xtreme both a service charge AND a transaction fee for the use of their service. To cover these fees, an additional charge is added to the basic price (this is the service charge/transaction fee, but PayPal doesn't allow the description to be changed on their site).

The PayPal service charge and transaction fee are charged each and every time you use PayPal.

Tryout Payment - (please email a copy of your player information form to when making an on-line payment)

Tryout Payment
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